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Author: Torres Fontes, Juan
Title: Una cantiga de Alfonso X: el niño de Alcaraz
Date: 1979
Publication details: Al-Basit: Revista de estudios albacetenses, 2nd serie, 5, no. 6 (May 1979), 199-203.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The author gives the text of CSM 178 and retells the story of the miracle, one of several attributed to Santa María de Salas (Huesca). The fact that it occurs in far-off Alcaraz (Albacete) is no reason to posit a more likely setting since such miracle accounts — despite, as in this case, the accurate costumbrismo of text and miniatures — do not demand verisimilitude in their presentations of time and space. Moreover, Alfonso was present on at least three occasions in Alcaraz, during one of which the tale may have come to his alert attention."
Associated Poems: 78 - The Slandered Man who was Spared from Burning
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