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Author: Jiménez Cisneros, Consuelo
Title: Aproximaciones a las cantigas profanas de Alfonso el Sabio
Date: 1980
Publication details: Revista del Instituto de Estudios Alicantinos 29 (1980), 137-160.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "An overview that reconsiders the subclassifications of these poems but, less usefully, dwells on why Galician-Portuguese was the language employed and on other peripheral or well-known matters. The work is plagued with errors (Alfonso was born in 1221, not 1223, p. 137; the wrong author is given for the art. cit. in n. 15, p. 151; gives name of editor of profane poems as Mettmann(!) in n. 2; and, in the text on p. 2 makes it clear that Rodrigues Lapa's editions of the profane poems [1965; 1970] were unknown to her). The bibliography is not only out of date but includes a good many unscholarly items in what is already a poor selection."
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