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Author: Mettmann, Walter
Title: Zum Stil der Cantigas de Santa Maria (II)
Date: 1980
Publication details: Romanica Europaea et Americana: Festschrift für Harri Meier zum 8. Januar 1980, ed. H. D. Bork et al (Bonn: Verlag H. Grundmann, 1980), 379-85.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Second part of a study of formulaic expression in the CSM, initiated in the Baldinger homage volume [1979]. Carefully catalogued in the opening section are epithets and similar expressions used to refer to Christ (e.g., as Godhead, Creator, Saviour, Lord, Son/Father of Mary, etc.) and to the Devil. The latter part occupies itself with formulaic style in the introductory sections of the miracle narrations (92% include some comment on the source of the account). Three more parts of the study are announced here."
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