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Author: Menéndez Pidal, Gonzalo, & Carmen Bernis
Title: Las Cantigas: La vida en el s. XIII según la representación iconográfica. (II) Traje, Aderezo, Afeites
Date: 1981
Publication details: Cuadernos de la Alhambra, nos. 15/17 (1979-81), 89-154. 10 plates.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "An unusual and valuable approach to a study of the variety and originality of thirteenth-century Castilian dress. With useful commentary on the portrayal of social level and type by color, cloth, furs, accesories, and so on. Clothing — from underwear to outerwear — for men and for women occupies alternating sections of the study, followed by headwear, and rounded out with a presentation of Moslem garb as depicted in the CSM."
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