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Author: Domínguez Rodríguez, Ana
Title: Imágenes de un rey trovador de Santa María (Alfonso X en las Cantigas)
Date: 1982
Publication details: In: Medio Oriente e l'Occidente nell'arte del XIII secolo. Atti del Congresso del Comitato Internazionale di Storia dell'Arte, Bologna, 10-18 set. 1979, ed. H. Belting (Bologna: CLUEB, 1982), vol. II, 229-39.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"A companion piece to the art. in Goya [1976] on Alfonso in the presentation miniatures. Here, the focus is on Alfonso depicted, principally, in Escorial T.I.1 in the miniatures accompaying the loores. Alfonso is always regal in these depictions, almost always surrounded by court retainers, but is shown in a variety of iconographical positions of familiarity (with the Virgin, with his subjects, with Christ). The realism is in the troubadour garb, for Alfonso is nearly always portrayed as young, i. e., idealized. It would be interesting to see how Alfonso is portrayed in miniatures accompanying the miragres in which he figures."
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