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Author: Jensen, Frede, ed. & trans.
Title: Medieval Galician-Portuguese Poetry. An Anthology
Date: 1992
Publication details: Garland Library of Medieval Literature, Series A, 87, New York & London: Garland, 1992. cxxxviii + 624 pp. Illustrated.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Strong general coverage in the Introduction and a useful 'select' bibliography on pp. cxxi-cxxxv. The Alfonsine selections are five escarnho e maldizer selections (Lapa 24, 21, 10, 15 and 17), including the two directed at Pero da Ponte; these are presented on facing pages in Galician-Portuguese and English (pp. 44-57). The accompanying textual notes (429-36) reliably provide information on manuscripts, editions, metrics and genre, and technical information concerning poetic structure, rhyme, etc. These separate entries also contain mini-glossaries for the poems. Includes 5 b x w illustrations from the CSM."
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