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Author: Bertolucci Pizzorusso, Valeria
Title: Alfonso X
Date: 1993
Publication details: in DicionĂ¡rio da literatura medieval galega e portuguesa, coord. G. Lanciani & G. Tavani (Lisbon: Caminho, 1993), 36b-41b.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"With emphasis on thematic versatility, B.P. gives an excellent account of Alfonso's forty-four cantigas profanas, their mss. sources, possible chronology, and genres. The poetic interplay of texts and poets is highlighted, as are common elements of Alfonso's profane lyrics with those of the CSM. Two cantigas are particularly well portrayed: "Ay eu coitada" (CB 348) and "Non me posso pagar tanto" (Lapa 10). An extensive select bibliography enhances the value of this encyclopedia entry."
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