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Author: Lanciani, Giulia
Title: Per una tipologia della tenzone galego-portoghese
Date: 1995
Publication details: in Medievo y literatura: Actas del V Congreso de la AHLM, ed. J. Paredes, vol. I (Granada: Universidad, 1995), 117-30.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "There is a data base of 33 'tensones' (5 more than Tavani 1980) of which two feature Alfonso's exchanges with Arnaut Catalan (Lapa 427) and Pero Garcia Burgalés (see Elsa Gonçalves 1993) and three more directed to Alfonso by, Garcia Perez (Lapa 149 [150 in 2nd ed.]), Pai Gomez Charinho (Lapa 303 [305]), and Vaasco Gil (Lapa 419 [422]). This is a first tentative step toward a classification for these poems (and L. takes great care in defining the genre at the outset of her study)."
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