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Author: Anglés, Higinio
Title: La música a Catalunya a fins al segle XIII
Date: 1935
Publication details: Barcelona: Institut d'Estudis Catalans, 1935, xvi + 447 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 158: "There are references passim to the CSM, some quite interesting. Shows the virelai forms present in Latin verse prior to Alfonso (p. 256). Confirms Spanke's opinion that CSM 279 is a modified rondeau (p. 343). Theorizes about the CSM's influence on the Catalan troubadour Cerverí (p. 343). Discusses how it may be shown - with CSM 12 as an example - that mixed modal rhythm was already developed in the Peninsula (pp. 352-3). Notes similarities to the CSM in a song by Arnaut de Marueill, ca 1170-1200 (p. 394)."
Associated Poems: 12 - The Image of Christ Reviled by the Jews of Toledo
279 - King Alfonso is Healed
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