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Author: Disalvo, Santiago and Germán Rossi
Title: Un cantar que cantassen os jograres (CSM 172, 33): Las formas de la ’performance’ en las Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 2009
Publication details: Unidad y multiplicidad: Tramas del hispanismo actual. VIII Congreso Argentino de Hispanistas, Mendoza, Zerta Eds, pp. 19-24
Snow ID: 1934
Associated Poems: 8 - The Minstrel of Rocamadour
154 - The Gambler who Fired an Arrow at the Heavens
172 - The Pilgrims Bound for Acre who Survived a Storm
238 - The Blasphemous Minstrel
259 - The Squabbling Minstrels
291 - The Rapist who was Released from Prison
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