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Author: Mettmann, Walter
Title: Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 1959
Publication details: Acta Universitatis Conimbrigensis. 4 vols. Coimbra: Universidade de Coimbra, 1959-72.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 275: "This is the only wholly reliable edition of the poetic texts of the complete CSM, with Escurial MS J.b.2 serving as the base (Valmar, 1889, used the same base MS), and including all the additional poems from the Toledo and Florence MSS as well. Variants come from these MSS and also from Escurial Tjl. The introd. has excellent descriptions of all four, a matching list of the contents of each, the criteria used in this edition, and a splendid and complete Index (with composition numbers, epigraphs and refrains for all the poems). The poems occupy vols I-III; IV consists of a complete glossary with contextual meanings and locations cited but without etyma. This edition is indispensable for all work on the CSM."
Associated Poems: 1742
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