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Author: Arco, Ricardo del
Title: La fama del santuario de Salas en lo antiguo
Date: 1915
Publication details: Linages de la Corona de Aragón 6 (1915), 332-37.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 86: "Alfonso celebrated seventeen miraculous events connected with Salas in Huesca, and these are part of the "fama" discussed by A. The author seems unaware that Valmar attributed these same miracles to a Salas in Lérida. Only four of the group are cited and incompletely: 52 (occurs in Aragon but Salas is not mentioned), 56, 58, and 163 (A. incorrectly gives 162 as the number). See also Aguado Bleye (1916) and Gili (1921)."
Associated Poems: 52 - The Mountain Goats that Gave Milk to the Monks of Montserrat
56 - The Monk who Recited Five Psalms Daily
58 - The Nun who was Shown the Mouth of Hell
163 - The Gambler who Renounced the Virgin
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