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Author: Solalinde, Antonio G.
Title: El códice florentino de las ’Cantigas’ y su relación con los demás manuscritos
Date: 1918
Publication details: Revista de Filología Española 5 (1918): 143-79.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 97: A painstaking account of the Florence MS (thirteenth century): the miniatures, the calligraphy, the binding, the contents - in the form of an index - and inclusion of occasional variants noted from MS J.b.2. Two of the cantigas (F 14 and F 86) are unique in this codex and they are printed in full with two black and white plates of F 14 (Mettmann 408; the other - F 86 - is Mettmann 409) which show both the text and the accompanying miniatures. Two others, corresponding to CSM 246 and 209, are also included. Finally, listings and charts show the clear relationship of F to the remaining MSS, but especially to T.j.l., of which F seems to be a continuation. An excellent article, clearly reasoned."
Associated Poems: 209 - King Alfonso is Healed by the Virgin’s Book
246 - The Woman who could not Enter a Church
408 - The Squire who was Pierced by an Arrow
409 - Cantiga de loor
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