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Author: Antonio, Nicolás
Title: Bibliotheca hispana sive hispanorum
Date: 1696
Publication details: Rome, 1696 - 2nd ed. is published as Bibliotheca hispana vetus, Madrid, 1788. I cite from a facsimile rpt. of the 2nd ed. (Turin: Bottega d'Erasmo, 1963, 2 vols in 1), II, pp. 79 81.rn rn
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 5: "Book VIII, ch. V, paragraphs 191 6 (and the accompanying notes by Francisco Pérez Bayer) deal with Alfonso. He is credited with the verse Tesoro, the spurious Querellas (citing Pellicer), the Libro de Alexandre, and the CSM, the metrical variety of which is incompletely assessed in Bayer's notes. It is claimed that Alfonso's personality is clearly imprinted upon the CSM but that others undoubtedly contributed to the whole; A. thus opens up the vital authorship question."
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