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Author: Ibañez de Segovia, Gaspar, (Marqués de Mondéjar)
Title: Memorias históricas del rei don Alonso el Sabio, i observaciones a su chronica
Date: 1777
Publication details: Madrid: J. Ibarra, 1777, pp. 436-40, 450-60.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 10: "Reviews the devotion of Alfonso to Mary as shown by donations to various sanctuaries and cites discovery of the 1279 privilegio chartering the military Order of Santa María (pp. 438-40). He follows others in ascribing to Alfonso the Querellas and also cites an Alexander poem with 6 line strophes. He calls the CSM the Loores and cites, from the copy seen in Lucas Cortés' library, cantiga 324. However, the following account of the contents, meter, etc. of the CSM is cursory and oversimplified, leading to error (pp. 457-8)."
Associated Poems: 324 - The Statue that Cured a Mute
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