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Author: Sánchez, Tomás Antonio
Title: Colección de poesías castellanas anteriores al siglo XV
Date: 1779
Publication details: vol I, ed., (Madrid: Por D. Antonio de Sancha, 1779), pp. 96-9, 148-70.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 11: "Declares that Alfonso was not the author of the Alexandre but that, perhaps, Berceo was (pp. 96-9). S. credits Alfonso with the Querellas of about 1282-4 and with the verse Tesoro whose verses he prints (pp. 153-60, minus the unintelligible ciphers). S. presents a logic for not accepting the Tesoro as authentic but makes no final judgment. He also thinks it likely that Alfonso had Guiraut Riquier draft the Provençal verses attributed to him in the Declaratio, an idea now universally accepted."
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