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Author: Clarus, Ludwig
Title: Darstellung der spanischen Literatur im Mittelalter
Date: 1846
Publication details: Mainz: Von Kirchheim, Schott & Thielmann, 1846, 335-42, 342-53.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A condensed account of the CSM, language, content, and organization. C. Repeats information on the compositions that involve Alfonso's parents (from Ortiz de Zúñiga, Sarmiento), especially cites the use of versos de arte mayor, and is aware of the importance of the project, since it was mentioned in Alfonso's last will and testament. The second section (342-53) is on Provenzal influence in Iberia and Alfonso does not escape notice (esp. for the long stay at his court of Guiraut de Riquier)."
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