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Author: Wolf, Ferdinand Joseph
Title: Studien zur Geschichte der spanischen und portugiesischen Nationalliteratur
Date: 1859
Publication details: vol. 4 (Berlin, 1859): 709-716(?). Also Historia de las literaturas castellana y portuguesa, trans. from the German original of 1859 by Miguel de Unamuno, with notes by M. Menéndez y Pelayo (Madrid: La España Moderna, 1895), II, pp. 452-73, esp. pp. 467-9.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 27, modified 2007: "Most significant because notice is given of the poets of the recently uncovered Portuguese cancioneiros, and of Alfonso as a poet of profane, secular lyrics. Wolf agrees with Bellermann (1840) that Alfonso ought to be included, as poet, in the literary history of Galician-Portuguese. Also, there are important doubts cast on both the Querellas and the verse Tesoro as Alfonsine works."
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