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Author: Amador de los Ríos, José
Title: Historia crítica de la literatura española
Date: 1863
Publication details: vol. III (Madrid: privately publ., ptd José Rodríguez, 1863; rpt. Biblioteca Románica Hispánica IX. Facsímiles, Madrid: Gredos, 1969), pp. 447-68, 499-524.rnrn
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 30: "A. offers little that is new. However, he was the first to supply truly quotable lines on the literary qualities of the CSM. He recreates Alfonso's troubadour environment from Milà y Fontanals [1861] He banishes the verse Tesoro from the Alfonsine canon because of anachronisms (see also his Appendix III). He compounds, however, the false attribution of the Querellas to Alfonso by filling one of their gaps with the romance (not by Alfonso) which begins: "Yo salí de mi tierra"."
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