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Author: Amador de los Ríos, José
Title: La pintura en pergamino en España hasta fines del siglo XIII (códice de los Cantares et loores de Sancta María conocido bajo el título de las Cántigas del Rey Sabio)
Date: 1874
Publication details: Museo Español de Antiguedades 3 (1874), 1-41.rn
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 35: "Overlong and exasperatingly repetitious, this study chronicles the story of art on parchment from classic times. A. dates the Alfonsine miniatures at 1275-84, executed in Seville by unknown mudéjar artists. This and other pseudo-critical points on artistic techniques (pp. 25-35) come under heavy critical fire in the better work by Guerrero Lovillo (1949, pp. 11-12). Still, the idea of an eclectic group of artists at work on a multiform theatre for presentation of the Virgin's miracles, and the astute deduction - prior to the discovery of the MS in Florence that the Lucas Cortés copy of the CSM, seen by most of the earlier critics, must have been a complement to Escurial T.j.1., are two examples of the kind of intuitional judgements for which we have to be grateful to A."
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