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Author: Martínez Salazar, A
Title: La Edad Media en Galicia: Una gallega célebre en el siglo XIII
Date: 1897
Publication details: Revista Crítica de Historia y Literatura Españolas, Portuguesas e Hispano-Americanas, 2 (1897), 298-304; rpt in A. Martínez Salazar, Algunos temas gallegos (La Coruña: Real Academia Gallega, 1948), 199-216.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 58: "The author has come upon a doc. of 1257 in which a María Pérez figures prominently, and he identifies her with the famous Maria Balteira of Alfonso's CV 64. Since the evidence of the doc. conflicts with the many poetic testimonies, the author offers the weak conclusion that the poems are envious and jealous descriptions of an otherwise pious woman."
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