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Author: King, Georgiana G.
Title: The Way of Saint James
Date: 1920
Publication details: The Hispanic Society of America, Hispanic Notes & Monographs — Peninsular Series, I (New York/London: G. Putnam's Sons, 1920), 3 vols.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The thirteenth-century church of Vila-Sirga presented some competition for the cult of Santiago, and the legends associated with it borrowed tales associated with the great pilgrim church at Compostela, viz. some appearing in Alfonso's CSM. These, alluded to in II, 93-95, are given in highly-condensed English paraphrases, with some further commentary at III, 520-29 (caveat lector; disregard the page nos. given in the Index). An appendix which lists cantigas noted as 222 and 279 is also in error; the correct numbers are CSM 232 and 278."
Associated Poems: 232 - The Knight whose Goshawk was Returned by Santa Maria de Vilasirga
278 - The Blind Pilgrim to Santiago who was Healed at Vilasirga
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