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Author: Macías, Marcelo
Title: ¿Dónde pasó su infancia Alfonso el Sabio?
Date: 1920
Publication details: Boletín de la Comisión Provincial de Monumentos Históricos y Artísticos de Orense, 6 (1920), 249-55.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The concern is to show that Fernando III had given to Alfonso's ayos a parcel of land in Galicia, probably with the intention that they should take the prince there and give him the necessary inclination to learn Galician. M. reviews the idea that Alfonso spent his infancy (or part of it, at any rate) in Galicia. Despite some suggestive documents (one from 1232), he finds little real basis for assertions reaching as far back as those of P. Sarmiento, in the late eighteenth century, that Alfonso learned Galician there as a child. The source of Alfonso's knowledge of Galician, in his view, is still unknown."
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