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Author: Lampérez y Romea, Vicente
Title: Arquitectura civil española de los siglos I al XIII
Date: 1922
Publication details: 2 vols (Madrid: Saturnino Calleja, 1922), I, 89-91, 122-23; and II, 34-35, 200-01.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The two sections from vol. I on private architecture discuss horreos and fachadas respectively, with descriptions and photographic comparisons with miniatures in the CSM. Vol. II deals with public architecture and comments on the mix of gothic and mudejar styles in larger cities of medieval Spain, with illustrations again from the CSM. The final selection from vol. II shows what tiendas were like, from CSM 88, 93, and 108. These sections, although brief, are useful in showing the extent to which the artists of the CSM depicted contemporary structures, reflecting the reality of the thirteenth century."
Associated Poems: 88 - The Virgin’s Electuary
93 - The Leper who was Healed by the Virgin’s Milk
108 - Merlin and the Jew
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