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Author: Callcott, Frank
Title: The Supernatural in Early Spanish Literature, Studied in the Works of the Court of Alfonso X, el Sabio
Date: 1923
Publication details: New York: Inst. de las Españas en los Estados Unidos, 1923. 151 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 111rn"Nearly all of the CSM are mentioned in this essentially chatty volume (C.'s Columbia Univ. Ph.D. thesis, 1923) which provides a classification scheme according to the nature of the supernatural events that take place in the various cantigas. Divisions are oriented through Alfonso's own definitions of milagro, diablo, conjuro (taken from the Siete partidas, the Primera crónica general, the General estoria, and other Alfonsine works as well). There is a useful index of names and, for its day, a respectable bibliography (discounting many typographical errors). The drawback is that very little is added to our knowledge in the limited space given over to discussion."
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