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Author: López Aydillo, Eugenio
Title: Los cancioneros gallego-portugueses como fuentes históricas
Date: 1923
Publication details: Revue Hispanique 57 (1923), 315-619. Published separately New York/Paris, 1923; also Vaduz: Kraus Reprints, 1965.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A very wide-ranging study, based on the 3 profane cancioneiros and the CSM and, in part, also a development of the author's doctoral thesis, "El reinado de Alfonso el Sabio, segun los Cancioneros gallego-portugueses". He utilizes Valmar's ed. (1889), although he finds his glossary 'deficiente' (323-327). There is a rich use of the CSM to illustrate the historical events of the reigns of Fernando III and Alfonso X (357-432), especially of the latter's military and family affairs, court (and poetic) personalities, illnesses, customs, religious devotion, and more. Equally rich is the exploration of the varied aspects of thirteenth-century life that pulsate through these songbooks (445-560). The Glossary is extensive (561-619) for its time and covers only words that appear in the transcribed poems and fragments. Promised on p. 319 are appendices dealing with a list of the poems published complete, a fragment of a BNM ms., documents, a bibliography, and CSM illustarations. Unfortunately, none of these appears here."
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