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Author: De Lollis, Cesare
Title: Dalle cantigas de amor a quelle de amigo
Date: 1925
Publication details: Homenaje ofrecido a Ménendez Pidal (Madrid: Ed. Hernando, 1925), I, pp. 617-26. Rpt. in Cervantes reazionario e altri scritti d'ispanistica (Firenze: G.C. Sansoni, 1947), pp. 229-49.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 120: "Late in this study, De L's discussion of the title theme leads again to those poems of Alfonso critical of Pero da Ponte, notably CV 70. De L. suggests that the criticisms might not imply that Pero da Ponte was too "popular", i.e. not a "classical" troubadour like Bernaldo de Bonaval, but rather that he borrowed too freely from Eannes de Cotom (a point of infommation also supplied by Alfonso in his poem, CV 68). De L. thus disagrees with Michaelis de Vasconcellos (1904), vol. II, pp. 456 ff."
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