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Author: López Aydillo, Eugenio
Title: El siglo XIII en los cancioneros gallego-portugueses
Date: 1925
Publication details: Homenaje ofrecido a Menéndez Pidal (Madrid: Ed. Hernando, 1925), II, pp. 619-31.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 122: "A general article which sketches the poetic trends of the thirteenth century in NW Spain, and has implications for the grafting of foreign - mostly Franco Provençal - poetic modes onto a flourishing popular lyric, the suitability of certain poetic genres and styles to the cancioneiros, and the standards of composition employed and admired in that era. The author sees society genuinely reflected in these poetic songbooks and treats them as both sociological and historical documents. Not very convincing, as he does not account for the presence of poetic conventions, which do not always share the daily reality of human life."
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