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Author: López Chavarri, Eduardo
Title: Juglares y trovadores
Date: 1927
Publication details: Música popular española, Col. Labor, Sección V: Música, 126 (Madrid: Ed. Labor, 1927; 2nd ed. 1940), 29-37.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A reasonable exposition and defense of the presence of popular musical elements and style in art songs of court composers. Most of the chapter deals with the CSM and emphasizes the folkloric content, popular melodies, attempts at jongleuresque diffusion, and cites a few examples, by way of illustration, of popular style from CSM 193 and 139 (this latter with a musical transcription). While there is no detail or scholarly apparatus, it is also balanced and contains no imnprobable claims."
Associated Poems: 139 - The Boy who Offered Bread to an Image of the Christ Child
193 - The Merchant who was Saved from Drowning
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