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Author: Ribera y Tarragó, Julián
Title: Historia de la música árabe medieval y su influencia en la española
Date: 1927
Publication details: Colección de Manuales Hispania, vol. I, Serie G, Madrid: Voluntad, 1927. 355 pp. For another edition, see 1985.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 133: "Synthesis of two earlier volumes, La música de las Cantigas, 1922, and La música andaluza medieval en las canciones de trovadores, troveros y minnesinger, 1923-5. Defends again the fundamental belief that if a poetic idea is adopted, its form and music may be as well. Only the final two chapters deal directly with the CSM and these ideas. On pp. 344-46, R. reproduces two harmonizations from pp. 294 and 312-14 of his 1922 vol. The very tenuous nature of R's treatment is always obvious."
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