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Author: Lang, Henry R.
Title: Old Portuguese Sea Lyrics
Date: 1929
Publication details: Revue Hispanique 77 (l929), 187-200.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Pay Gomez Charinho served Fernando III and died in 1295. His composition (Ajuda 256), 'De quantas cousas en o mundo son', which critics have thought (and Lang agrees) to contain a commentary on Alfonso X's melancholy as king (metaphorically transposed to images of the sea), an idea whose literary potential is confirmed by Partida II, Title 9, Law 28, where Alfonso gives expression, in an extended metaphor (cited here in full), to the similarities between the medieval court and the sea, an idea also present in other contemporary works (Bocados de oro, Poridat de las poridades, etc.)."
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