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Author: Spanke, Hans
Title: Die Theorie Riberas über zusammenhänge zwischen frühromanischen Strophenformen und andalusisch-arabischer Lyrik des Mittelalters
Date: 1930
Publication details: Volkstum und Kultur der Romanen, 3 (1930), 258-78.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 143: "This analysis of Ribera's basic works (1921, 1922) lauds their enthusiasms and pinpoints their scholarly failings. These include the weak and sometimes non existent documentation and the lack of real musicological expertise. The positive thrust of this study, however, is to show that Alfonso can be placed squarely on the line of development of western music which is, in part at least, liturgical. This latter position has been documented by Anglés whom S. has read closely and well. This is sound and convincing argumentation for the prosecution."
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