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Author: Rübecamp, R.
Title: A linguagem das Cantigas de Santa Maria de Afonso X o Sábio
Date: 1933
Publication details: Boletim de Filologia, 1 (1933), 273-356; 2 (1934), 141-52.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 151: "A trans. of part of R.'s doctoral diss. (Hamburg, 1930), this article deals with Romance hiatus in the CSM, the Galician Portuguese cancioneiros, and older Galician docs in an attempt to determine what, if any, significant distinctions might turn up in comparisons between them. Using Valmar and, for the Florence MS, Solalinde (1918), R. shows that the poetic language of the CSM and of the cancioneiros lags behind the spoken language (represented by certain aspects of the docs), thus confirming the statements of Michaelis de Vasconcellos in ZRP, 28 (1904), p. 217. For the matter of hiatus in particular, the CSM show traces of divergence from the cancioneiros, a division which is true as well for their general phonetic and morphological features. Were it not for conservative trends in literary styles, R. feels that the CSM would more clearly show the development of Galician away from its Portuguese counterpart, a trend wholly supported by the less conservative docs from the same period. Interesting reading."
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