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Author: Rodrigues Lapa, Manuel
Title: Lições de literatura portuguesa. Época medieval
Date: 1934
Publication details: Lisbon: Centro de Estudos Filológicos, 1934, 345 pp.; 7th ed., Coimbra: Coimbra Editora, 1970, 441 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 156: "R. L. added to this work over the years but its thrust is basically unchanged. The entire first half (Parts 1-5) is pertinent to the general poetic background of Alfonso's age: aspects of troubadour culture, genres and metres, origins, language, etc. Particularly valuable with regard to the CSM are the evaluations of the theories of lyric origins, the final section of Part 3 (on the Rocamadour based miragres), and Part 4, section 3, which takes up the subject of the poetic attacks on Maria Balteira and stresses the importance of the many faceted cantiga d'escarnho (citing CV 74, 77, and 79 of Alfonso) for the dating of poetry. R.L. knows most of the studies previous to his and synthesizes them expertly, making his discussions, though brief, usefully comprehensive."
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