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Author: Nolasco, Flérida
Title: Las Cantigas de Alfonso el Sabio: Origen y antiguedad de los ritmos antillanos
Date: 1935
Publication details: Orto (Manzanillo, Cuba), 24 (1935), 109-15 [Cited by G. London (1960), p. 26, but never located.]. Rpt. in the author's De música española y otros temas (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Ercilla, 1939), pp. 11-22.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 160: "N. maintains that the rhythms of Caribbean creole music (and even of some Viennese waltzes) have come to us from Greece through Andalusia and, specifically, through such collections as the CSM. Even troubadours and minnesanger only had to invent new lyrics for these Andalusian melodies (p. 18). This item is uncritical, fanciful and unsupported by anything other than N.'s reading of Ribera (1922). Even then, the ideas are here stretched to the limit of credibility."
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