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Author: Pellegrini, Silvio
Title: Sancio I o Alfonso X?
Date: 1935
Publication details: Studi Romanzi, 26 (1935), 71-89. Rpt. in the author's Studi su trove e trovatori della prima lirica ispano-portoghese, 2nd ed. (Biblioteca di Filologia Romanza, III, Bari: Adriatica Editrice, 1959), pp. 78-93. First ed. was 1937.
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Commentary: Snow 1977. no. 161: "Subject is CB (MS) 456. Michaelis de Vasconcellos (1904) had convinced most scholars that Sancho I of Portugal, founder of Guarda (mentioned in the text of the poem), himself wrote the poem. P. argues that 'guarda' is not necessarily a place name, and presents valid reasons why it ought not be considered so. He assigns CB (MS) 456 and the following poems through 466 to the pen of Alfonso X. This attribution is now taken for granted."
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