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Author: García de la Fuente, P. Arturo
Title: Las Cantigas de Santa Maria del Rey Sabio. Avance de un estudio artístico descriptivo de las ilustraciones miniadas de sus códices
Date: 1936
Publication details: Ciudad de Dios, 152 (1936), 45-68, 371-84.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 165: "The third part of this advance notice of a longer study never appeared, owing to the Civil War; nor did the longer study. The author attempted to bring together the previous work of Salas (1877), Durrieu (1893), Amador (1874), Aita (1919, 1921) and Domínguez Bordona (1930) and expand on it. The miniatures of both the Escurial MSS are described in detail (measurements, colors, arrangement, etc.) but the author never saw the Florence MS. There are hints in this outline, however, of interesting themes lightly sketched for us: depiction of civil and military customs and peoples, the supernatural events recorded in the miniatures, the life of clerics, and the arts, especially music, of Alfonso's era. The sections to have been treated in the third part were: daily customs, private and public diversions, and Nature. For a completed discussion of these topics in Alfonsine miniatures, see Guerrero Lovillo (1949)."
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