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Author: Pellegrini, Silvio
Title: Noterelle alfonsine (Su A 256)
Date: 1942
Publication details: Studi Romanzi 39 (1942), 131-7. Rpt. in the author's Studi su trove e trovatori della prima lirica ispano-portoghese, 2nd ed. (Biblioteca di Filologia Romanza, III, Bari: Adriatica Editrice, l959), 117-21.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 180: "In Ajuda 256 Payo Gomes ChariƱo compares the sea to a king, possibly Alfonso. P. believes the unnamed sovereign referred to is indeed Alfonso, and his argumentation in defense of this position is clever. Curiously, P. notes, the same image also appears in Alfonso's own Siete partidas II.ix.28."
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