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Author: Anglés, Higinio
Title: Gloriosa contribución de España a la historia de la música universal, Discurso pronunciado en la sesión de clausura del VII pleno del Instituto Español de Musicología
Date: 1948
Publication details: Madrid: CSIC, 1948. 62 pp. Rpt. in Scripta musicologica, ed. J. López-Calo, 3 vols (Rome: Ed. di Storia e Letteratura, 1975-76),
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 213: "Pages 30-2 have capsule remarks on the diversity of the music of the CSM; while there are lacunae in the range of religious melodies (esp. when contrasted with that available for courtly music), the CSM have helped fill some of these lacunae."
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