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Author: Pellegrini, Silvio
Title: Due poesie d’Alfonso X
Date: 1953
Publication details: Studi Mediolatini e Volgari, I (1953), 167 86. Rpt. in the author's Studi su trove e trovatori della prima lirica ispano portoghese, 2nd ed. (Biblioteca di Filologia Romanza, III, Bari: Adriatica Editrice, 1959), 94?116.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 241: "The two poems are CB (MS) 489 and 490, both of which deal with the same "meestre Johan". P. deduces, fairly, that this person is to be identified with João Alfonso of Compostela, archbishop there from 1238 to either 1264 or 1267. Satisfactory versions of both texts are printed from photographs (with variants) and there is a line by line annotation replete with information, etymologies, resolution of ambiguities in word meanings, plus a bonus of interpretations and paraphrases. A very laudable study of these two poems. The method is highly praised in Filologia Romanza, II (1955), 98 9, by G. Sansone."
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