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Author: Le Gentil, Pierre
Title: Le Virelai et le villancico: Le problème des origines arabes
Date: 1954
Publication details: Institut Français au Portugal, Collection Portugaise, IX, Paris: Société d'Editions "Les Belles Lettres", 1954. 279 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 248: "Important evaluative review of the major critical approaches to the origins of Romance verse forms in general and of the virelai so prominent in the CSM, in particular. Le G. favours the idea of independent genesis, i.e. not dependent on Arabic models, and then a development consonant with liturgical advances. Appendix IV contrasts metrical and melodic patterns in the CSM in support of Le G.'s opinions on thís matter. There is an up to date bibliography."
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