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Author: Anglés, Higinio
Title: Marie dans le chant liturgique et dans la poésie Iyrique chantée du Moyen Age
Date: 1960
Publication details: Maria et Ecclesia. Acta Congressus Mariologici Mariani in civitate Lourdes anno 1958 celebrati (Rome: Academia Mariana Internationalis, 1960), 331-42. Rpt. in Scripta musicologica, ed. J. López-Calo, 3 vols (Rome: Ed. di Storia e Letteratura, 1975-76).
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 276, revised 2007rn"These particular pages deal with the topic "Maria et ars religiosa" and they outline rather than specify the presence of Mary in liturgical song. In addition collections in Latin and the vernaculars are also brought into the discussion. A. feels that the CSM may well have to be considered the greatest single medieval Marian collection."
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