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Author: Lapesa, Rafael
Title: ¿Amor cortés o parodia? A propósito de la primitiva lírica de Castilla
Date: 1961
Publication details: Estudis Romànics 9 (1961), 11 14. Rpt.in De la Edad Media a nuestros días: estudios de historia literaria (Madrid: Gredos, 1967), 48-52.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 285: "Alfonso's sole poem in Castilian, an apparent fragment, is CB 363. To L.'s mind it represents a parody and a means to avoid composing true love lyrics, an activity which would have diluted somehow the warlike psychology fomented by martial epics. Parody of true love lyrics, it is contended, is more consistent with this frame of mind. Interesting theory built on a minimal sample."
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