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Author: Rodrigues Lapa, Manuel
Title: Cantigas d’escarnho e de mal dizer dos cancioneiros medievais galego-portugueses
Date: 1965
Publication details: Colección Filolóxica, Vigo: Editorial Galaxia, 1965; 2nd ed. 1970, revista e acrescentada. 3rd ed., illustrated, 1995.
Snow ID: 307
Commentary: Snow 1977: "Critical edition of 35 of Alfonso's satirical poems (nos 1-35; for corresponding numbers in other editions, see my Appendix A) and of four of the tensons with other poets (nos 150, 305, 422, and 430 in the 1970 ed.; in the 1965 ed., nos are 149, 303, 419, and 427). All have comprehensive historical and literary notes with explication of contents, variants, and, especially useful, summaries of prior critical controversy (when applicable). A separate 108 page vocabulary (non-etymological), and the author, first line, and onomastic indices enhance the utility of this excellent, long needed edition of these Alfonsine texts."
Associated Poems: 2173
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