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Author: Bertolucci Pizzorusso, Valeria
Title: La supplica di Guiraut Riquier e la risposta di Alfonso X di Castiglia
Date: 1966
Publication details: Studi Mediolatini e Volgari 14 (1966), 9-135.
Snow ID: 309
Commentary: Snow 1977rn"Excellent, readable editions of the two poems (both by Riquier) with translations into Italian prose. Good notes. A list of terms from the poems that are oriented to art and artistry serves as a fine introduction. Also treated is the question of whether a similar supplicatio-declaratio between Alfonso and N'At de Mons (both set down, also in Provençal, by the latter) ever took place. The poetic background and the period of composition are reflected and there is criticism of the earlier studies by Michaëlis de Vasconcellos (1896) for not carrying enough etymological information. Many themes are treated in this long and trustworthy contribution to Alfonsine scholarship, and they give a clear view of the thirteenth-century poetic milieu. See also Vuolo (1968)."
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