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Author: Tavani, Giuseppe
Title: Repertorio metrico della lirica galego-portoghese
Date: 1967
Publication details: Officina Romanica, VII, Rome: Edizioni dell' Ateneo, 1967. 520 pp.
Snow ID: 318
Commentary: Snow 1977: "An outstanding achievement, T.'s exhaustive catalogue of the metrical and stanzaic patterns of the poems of CA, CV, and CB (and a few other less abundant MSS) will be, for its subject, the scholarly vademecum. The 46 secular poems of Alfonso are most easily located tllrough the Index of Poets on pp. 386 90. From there, one proceeds directly to information regarding the intricacies of their metrical and stanzaic schemes, poetic types, rhymes, and more. This information is in an abbreviated notation and a thorough reading of the introduction - in Italian - is essential. Several indices add to the voluminous information contained, for the first time, between the covers of one book."
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