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Author: Cummins, John G.
Title: The Practical Implications of Alfonso el Sabio’s Peculiar Use of the Zéjel
Date: 1970
Publication details: Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 47 (1970), 1-9.
Snow ID: 340
Commentary: Snow 1977: "A dense, important assessment of Alfonso's usage of the zéjel form. C. proves, as conclusively as is now possible, that not all the texts of the CSM could have been composed with musical considerations in mind. His evidence includes enjambements, the postponement of a true narrative opening until the second strophe of certain cantigas (a development which leaves the estribillo/cabeza free to establish a tighter relationship with the first strophe), and recognition of the possibility that the estribillo was not always intended for repetition at the end of the cantiga. C. has reason, logic, and clarity of exposition on his side."
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