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Author: d’Heur, Jean-Marie
Title: Le ’trouver à la provençale’ selon Alphonse X
Date: 1973
Publication details: in his Troubadours d'Oc et troubadours galiciens-portugais, (Cultura Medieval e Moderna, 1, Paris: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Centro Cultual Português, 1973), 291-99.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "An examination of Alfonso's profane cantiga, CV 70, which the author re-edits, translates into French and explains in a paraphrase, He also reviews the critical history of the much commented poem for Varnhageen and Canello to the present time and concludes that Alfonso's objective in criticizing Pero da Ponte ('vos non trobades come proençal') was a moral one. Provençal singers known to Alfonso (Cerverí, Guiraut Riquier) composed religious lyrics and so should Pero, a friend to Alfonso's family."
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