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Author: Domínguez Rodríguez, Ana
Title: Filiación estilística de la miniatura alfonsina
Date: 1976
Publication details: España entre el Mediterráneo y al Atlántico. Actas del XXIII Congreso Internacional de Historia del Arte (Granada, 1973) (Granada: Univ. de Granada — Deptº de Historia, 1976), vol. I, 345-58.rnrn
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"The basis of a new departure in studies of Alfonsine miniature art is established in a few brief, assured pages of critical study. The author finds radical differences between the CSM miniatures and the Franch style which has often been suggested as its sole or primary source. In several stylistic ways, e. g. shading, use of color types, use of gold, the sketching of animal and human forms, and in the conceptualization of space. In all of these, the CSM seems to depart from the well-known French models and draws nearer to Neapolitan schools of theory and practice. Even given this situation, there is marked independence from even the Neapolitan norms on the part of Alfonso's art teams. The value of this article is its demonstration that there is no easy solution to the "sources" of the style of the illuminations of the CSM, and that there is room for discussion of eclectic styles or even of original conceptions."
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