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Author: Criado de Val, Manuel
Title: El Libro de buen amor, ¿fue escrito, en versión ’cortesana’ gallego-portuguesa, por el taller de las Cantigas alfonsíes?
Date: 1978
Publication details: Revista de literatura 40, nos. 79-80 (1978), 31-45.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Suggests that the gathering of a team of workers — which characterizes the compilation of the CSM, the making of a work in successive stages until a definitive version is achieved — and the predilections of Castilian monarchs for courtly poetry, represented tastes and practices carried on after the death of Alfonso X and well into the reign of Alfonso XI and, with tantalizing plausibility, may have served as a model for the gathering and piecing together of the Libro de buen amor. The idea is that the court-sponsored scribal workshops, having produced double redactions — in Castilian as well as Galician-Portuguese — of chronicle accounts, it would have been easy for a Juan Ruiz, working thus in Toledo, to have supervised a double redaction (MS G and T, in Castilian, and the Galician-Portuguese original of which the Porto fragment under discussion here is a probable part). Although there are many 'ifs' in this speculative chain of events, there is also a certain appeal. It would, for example, lend greater credence to the notion of a more-or-less direct influence of the CSM on later creative verse written in Castilian."
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